Pixie-SS (Server Side)

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The history of Pixie-SS is a little boring so I'll keep it short. In July/06 I was handed a NAS (Maxtor4100) that I was trying to make work. After visiting a few "Network" websites, and Boards I was unable to find much information. I then started looking into the software that made a NAS work, but was only able to find referances to:

These referances came from a PDF file I found from Paragon Software titled 'PC Deployment over network using PXE environment' There was enough information there to create the software required. Unfortunately, I was not able to locate a "Packaged" setup. After assembeling the software to the Paragon format, I simply found a program installer called 'setup2go' and packaged it with the title Pixie-SS, figuring that others might have a use for the work.


Download Here


If I find the time, and talent. I am going to have the Client boot to the tftpd, and retrive the free NAS software along with the boot files, so you don't have to install free NAS on each Client.  

My appologies if it is a bit crude, it's my first attempt with software.

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